RUT240 connection problem only with apple MacBook

Hello, i using the rut240 for wan and as wlan repeater for my apartment. I have only problems connecting the rut240 with my MacBook. With other device (tv and iPhone/ in the same room like the MacBook) it don’t makes connection problems, maybe sometime slow connection but not every time. At the beginning after I set it all up, it doesn’t make problems. After one day it made problems. Sometimes my Mac book don’t find the rut240 and sometimes it find it but it won’t connect. Because it don’t accept the wlan right password. And sometimes it connects. It very frustrated because I look for a solution but find nothing on web what I can do. When I connecting my MacBook with my main router (not rut240) it don’t makes any problems and I can connect to web. I think my MacBook and the rut240 can not work together in my case. I tested and looked for a solution.:

What I did, and nothing helps:

  • change place of MacBook and router (maybe some walls or metallic thing could block the connection)
  • change wpa2 to wpa3 and back
  • looked in the list of login attempts and see nothing

What I can do ?

Someone could help ?

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