RUT240 cannot update to latest firmware version


I have an RUT240 with which I am experiencing the same issue as several others have reported for other models - menus are missing when upgraded to V7.06.1 of the firmware and retaining settings.

I saw that this was addressed in the latest release V7.06.3. I initiated an upgrade from the server which appeared to complete successfully, but the firmware version remains as V7.06.1 and I am still missing many menus.

I cannot upgrade and not keep settings as the modem is 150km from me on the top of a mountain!

Thanks for any assistance.



Hello, thank you for getting in touch with Teltonika Networks.
Please be aware that menu button is available in the icon at the newest 7.06.X versions


Please check if you have selected Advance mode and if you’re the user has admin profile.


Menu could be displaying in two frames.

Chrome browser should be a good application to use with router’s webpage.

Please try to update firmware again from RMS platform, and let us know if that works.
I hope this information is helpful to you.
Best Regards!

Thanks for the reposne Julio.
I can confirm that I am logged in as an admin user and have the advanced mode selected. I am using Chrome browser updated to the latest patch.

I don’t use RMS as I have only 2 routers to manage.

Here’s a screen shot of what I’m seeing. Note in particular the very limited number of services showing.

Hello. Since you currently only have remote access to the device, I won’t advise trying to fix it until you are able to do so on-site.
I’ll advise trying to locally reset the router to its factory settings and then reconfiguring it.
I hope this resolves the problem.
If not, kindly get in touch with your sales representative to initiate a support ticket.
Best regards!

Hi Julio,

OK, that’s not good as it will likely be quite some time until I can visit the site.
In the meantime, one of the reasons I wanted to upgrade the firmware was to try and resolve an issue with io Juggler. My external device appears to be rapidly switching the input for an as yet unknown reason and the latest firmware provided additional features that may help understand what’s happening. The IO Juggler was confirgured to send an email on each rising edge of the input and I’m currently receiving hundreds of emails a day from the router. Hence why I need to access the IO Juggler UI to switch off sending emails until I can find the cause.

Is there a way to switch off the IO Juggler through the CLI? I have SSH access OK, so am hoping there’s a work around that I can apply until I can visit the site.



Hi David. About IO Juggler management, Unified Configuration Interface (UCI) is a small utility that enables to update configuration for different services.
You will need to go to the config directory:
# ls /etc/config
Check for configuration:
#uci show iojuggler
Update values
# uci set iojuggler.@general[0].enabled=‘0’
Commit configuration
# uci commit iojuggler
And restart service
# /etc/init.d/iojuggler restart
Wait for the update and check again
#uci show iojuggler

Please review the following documents so that you can make any necessary adjustments:
I hope you find this information helpful.

Thanks Julio, that has solved my problem for now until I can get physical access to the device.



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