RUT240 Cannot Connect to RMS Server


Previously registered device that was previously working correctly will not connect with RMS.

Pack assigned to device, mobile connectivity good, can access through HTTPS WebUI.

Have Unregistered the device and tried to reconnect but no joy.

Have updated firmware, keep setting was checked.

Device Serial Number is: 1114640423


Please avoid sharing sensitive device information such as its serial number on open forums.

Regarding the issue, could you please show me the error displayed in the device WebUI under Services → Cloud Solutions → RMS, next to the connection state? It should look like this:

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Hi I have attached screenshot.


Please try entering next to the ‘Hostname’ field and let me know if the issue persists.

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Changed Hostname no change.

I have the following from Troubleshooting Log

rms get_status:
“next_retry”: 1715081219,
“connection_status”: 1,
“error_text”: “Cannot connect to server”,
“error_code”: 35,
“error”: 1


Could it be that your provider is blocking some ports required by RMS? A complete list for RMS services is provided here.

Could you log in to your RUT240 via CLI, execute the commands below, and share the output?

  • telnet 15009
  • telnet 15010

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