RUT230 and RUT950 are not pinging each other


I have RUT230 and RUT950, they have static IP. I can ping they via my PC, but they are not ping each other.

I use SIM card to access the internet on two RUTs.


on RUT950 its same on RUT230:

on my PC:


To provide further assistance, could you please specify how the routers are connected to each other for routing purposes? Are they connected LAN to WAN, LAN to LAN, or WAN to WAN?

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Hello, connected WAN to WAN.

Thank you for confirming that your routers are connected WAN to WAN.

To enable communication between them, you can achieve this by adding a static route. Follow these steps:

Navigate to WebUI → Network → Routing → Static Routes.

For RUT230:

Add the following details:

  • Interface: WAN
  • Target: RUT950 LAN IP
  • IPv4 Gateway: RUT950 wired WAN IP

For RUT950:

Add the following details:

  • Interface: WAN
  • Target: RUT230 LAN IP
  • IPv4 Gateway: RUT230 wired WAN IP

By configuring these routes, both the RUT230 and RUT950 LAN networks will be able to ping each other successfully.

For more information about routing, you can visit our wiki page at Routing - Teltonika Networks Wiki.

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It’s not working. Maybe I made a mistake somewhere?

And I also have a wireless connection so the Mobile interface


It seems there might have been a misunderstanding, as in your provided screenshot with network interfaces, there is no active wired WAN connection. Let’s ensure that your RUT230 is properly connected to your RUT950 via an Ethernet cable. Once connected, please retry the routing test and let me know the results.

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I can’t get wired internet. So I have a SIM card with internet and a static IP, but the routers do not ping each other.

To establish communication between your routers, allowing them to ping each other, a connection needs to be established. If using an Ethernet cable is not feasible and the routers are located not in close proximity to each other, I recommend setting up a VPN connection between them. You can find more information on how to do this on our wiki pages:

Hope this helps!

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I have static IP on two RUTs, can I set up a connection between them without vpn? Or do the RUTs only support connection between each other via vpn?


If the devices are not too far apart to maintain a normal WiFi signal, completing this configuration, as suggested on our wiki page here: RUTOS relay / Wi-Fi extender / repeater / bridge configuration - Teltonika Networks Wiki, should help you achieve your goal of making the devices see each other.

Alternatively, a VPN can be configured between the RUT230 and RUT950, as I mentioned before.

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