RUT200 Wifi drop after 2 sec. after upgrade toRUT2M_R_00.07.07.1

After the update, the router disconnects the Wi-Fi connection with all devices. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a laptop or a phone. Wi-Fi connection drops very often. This problem did not exist before the update, the router worked properly.
I wanted to upload a log file, but new users cannot upload files.


I’ve noticed that in this troubleshooting file, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that the clients are connected, even though the WiFi interfaces are starting correctly. Could you provide troubleshoot file where the issues you mentioned are occurring?

Additionally, disconnections and reconnections seem to be very quick and multiple from iname you provided. Have you tried testing different wireless bands? This could be due to interference issues. To switch wireless bands, go to Network → Wireless → Radio and change the channel to a different one. You can also check for wave congestion on the spectrum by navigating to Status → Wireless → Channel Analysis.

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