RUT200 SDK firmware with wireless, mobile WAN config


I’m using the latest RUT200 SDK ( RUT2M_R_00.07.05)
I can “make” an image and change default IP and admin password without a problem.
I would like also to have by default :

  • WAN enabled and set by default to mobile SIM in auto mode (using no pin code).
  • WIRELESS enabled and have a predefined SSID and PASSWORD by default
  • And make sure it doesn’t start the Wizard at boot (as the needed config is already set).
    Can you point out where i can define mobile as WAN by default, enable and set wireless parameters and disable wizard in the SDK before generating the image.
    Official documentation states i need to update files in packages in /etc/config/wireless for example for wifi but there is no such file it seems in the new SDK nor i could find it in staging_dir after image generation (or am i mistaken).

Thank you


Could you clarify this point? If the device finds the correct APN for the inserted SIM card, it should start functioning by default and no additional configuration is needed.
Changes to the /etc/config/network file can be done by editing the script found in


Alternatively, a pre-generated config file can be placed in


That way custom config file generation will be skipped.

Wireless configuration file is being generated by running the script at


This script can be edited accordingly to your needs.
Alternatively, a pre-generated config file can be placed in


That way custom config file generation will be skipped.

Edit the file


And change the option

option firstlogin '1'


option firstlogin '0'

Keep in mind, that this will also remove the mandatory password change window!

Hope this helps!

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Your answers are just perfect. It seems that by default if no wan is available it will use the mobile network (if available). You are right.
I got everything i needed so far.

Thank you very much

Ah sorry,

another question please.
I see on an existing /etc/config/network an entry :
config globals ‘globals’
option ula_prefix ‘xxxxx::/48’
If i copy this custom file (with my predefined ip etc) and using this ula_prefix value on other routers (using a generated firmware with this network file) will it have any impact ?

Glad I could help!

ULA prefix is being generated from the unique variables within each router. In theory, if these devices will not be operating on the same IPv6 network, this should not cause any issues. I can’t say for certain if this will work, but you could try removing the ‘globals’ section from the file and it may get generated using the variables from the device.

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