RUT200 passthrough to another router + ping reboot function

I face an issue with the existing mesh router setup in my house in a rural area where the only possible connection is via LTE + external antenna. So I bought a TP LINK Deco X20-4G mesh system with a Poynting XPOL-2-5G antenna. With this setup, I can reach a reasonable connection speed on the B20 band and also good coverage around house. But there is a big flaw with Deco - from time to time it loses connection (eg. with windy conditions outside) and does not reconnect itself at all. It ultimately requires a manual reboot (which is a problem when I am not home). Therefore I was looking into Teltonika product range which seems to have this “Ping reboot” function.

But I am kind of BFU when it comes to networking. I was thinking of buying Teltonika RUT200 and connecting Poynting antenna to it. Then I would enable the ping reboot feature and set it to Passthrough mode. Finally I would connect the existing TP Link mesh router via ethernet cable and set it to wifi router mode instead of 4g router mode. But I am not sure whether then Ping reboot would work after at all. Or in general, is this a good idea?

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based on your scenario it is possible to implement the scenario by using the passthrough mode and Ping reboot feature on the RUT200. The detailed information about both you can refer to this guide: RUT200 WAN - Teltonika Networks Wiki and RUT200 Auto Reboot - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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