RUT200 occationally blocking access to devices connected to it


Does anyone knows why occasionally RUT200 block the access to the devices connected to it? We are using Static IP.

In past I got solution here and got RUT200 working with the devices. But in 3 times, router has somehow blocking the access to the devices, so no remote access or and no access to wifi. Only thing that helps is router restart.
In this forum we have shared the settings of the router in the past and all seemed well. One of the personnel is coming on the site to do the reboot today.


I understand this is a different issue, as the main problem seems to be no access to Wi-Fi. Without a Wi-Fi connection, communication with devices connected to the RUT200 is impossible. Can you verify if the issue is with the Wi-Fi itself or if access is being blocked?

Additionally, you mentioned that access to the devices is blocked. How about communication from the devices themselves? Can they reach the WAN or other endpoints?

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Yes, issue is by accessing the wifi. Last time when this happened, went on the field. Wifi was on, but was not able to log in. After router reboot, I was able to log in again.
About devices blocked. Only access to wifi is blocked. We have one device that is using that wifi. Rest of the devices are connected to LAN and working fine.
We are using static IP to log in to the router or our devices interface program remotely. Right now I can log in to router remotely or log in to devices interface program either.

Soon today our guy is going to the filed and make reboot to the router. Then I can log in router remotely and share settings.


To better understand this issue, we need a troubleshoot file. Without it, it’s hard to figure out what went wrong. The troubleshoot should come from the device experiencing problems, and it shouldn’t be rebooted before taking the troubleshoot. Could the person rebooting the device please generate and save the troubleshoot for further investigation?

Also, the issue might be different than we initially thought. Could the person responsible for rebooting the device check which LEDs are ON on the RUT200?

P.S. If you’re using a device with a mobile SIM, you don’t need to physically go to the remote device for a reboot. You can do it via SMS message:

2024-05-20-12-01-00-RUTX50 - Teltonika Networks — Mozilla Firefox

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Thank you so much for reply. Our guy there is not qualified to generate that troubleshoot file. He is not doing the reboot .
I am going next week 28-29.05 to the site and great that file for you.
Is generating that file difficult or easy when logging into router?

About led-s on. Last time the led-s were all on . But will check again next week.


I’ll be waiting for a troubleshoot file! Generating Troubleshoot files in general is quite easy. To do so go to System → Maintenance → Troubleshoot and press “Download” next to Troubleshoot file and it will be downloaded to the device connected to router.

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For some reason, router allows access remotely and wifi is working also today. I was able to download troubleshoot file. Hopefully router did not made reboot itself. No person has been touching it. However as I am new user, then your forum does not allow me to upload file. One way is I can share picture in this chat about contents of the file. Which files you require most?


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