RUT200 Modbus Client alarm SMS bulk changes

Is it possible to add and modify multiple alarm registers via SMS via the Modbus client? The same applies to the list of telephone numbers to which these alarms are to be sent. For example, I have 100 alarms via SMS, which are triggered from the PLC controller to registers 1026-1125. Simply entering them into RUT200 manually is time-consuming. Additionally, each alarm goes to 3 telephone numbers. If you need to change phone numbers, you need to edit 100 configurations again. Is there an option to import configuration that could previously be easily edited, e.g. in a text file?


The simplest way to configure this is to set up a full Modbus client and extract the configuration lines from the /etc/config/modbus_client directory using SSH or the CLI. This allows for easy copying of the configuration file to other devices, where adjustments can be made either by editing the file directly or through the WebUI.

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