RUT200 mobile disconnection after 24 hours

I just purchased a RUT200 device. Unfortunately, the mobile connection is established only about 24 hours. After that, no connection. We worked with RUT240 devices so far and that problem didn’t occur in that setup. Please help with a solution.

Many Thanks

Hello! We appreciate you reaching out to Teltonika Networks.
Are you aware of the cause of the disconnect? Is it a poor signal strength?
Asking your SIM’s operator to check for any service issues can be helpful.

Please think about configuring a reconnect under Menu->Network->Mobile->General in light of the poor signal strength.

For the router, you can schedule a connectivity check. A ping test is used to confirm that there is no Internet access, the router may reset the modem.


Also, we can configure a scheduled reboot for modem certain day of the week.

Hope you find this information useful.

Best Regards!

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