RUT200 Extremely slow download speed

I recently purchased a RUT200 router and am experiencing significant performance issues. Despite the specifications indicating support for speeds up to 150Mbps, my download speeds barely reach 5Mbps. The router’s CPU usage is consistently high, hovering around 95-100%.

Interestingly, the SIM card I’m using is capable of 300Mbps in another device, suggesting that the issue may not be with my network provider. Additionally, while I achieve over 50Mbps upload speeds, the download speeds do not surpass 5Mbps. It appears that carrier aggregation is not working, even though my provider supports it on frequencies that the router’s spec sheet claims to support. I’ve attempted manual frequency band settings, but to no avail—the speeds remain disappointingly low.

Is this a known issue with the RUT200 routers, or might it be a hardware problem specific to my unit? Any guidance on how to address this, including any settings adjustments or firmware updates, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.


RUT200 uses Cat 4 modem, and carrier aggregation is only supported on Cat 6 or higher modems.
Since you’re getting over 50Mbps on the upload, this could indicate a congestion from the operator side, as the upload is usually much lower than the download. Some more general information about carrier aggregation and other factors can be found here: LTE Speed Discrepancies - Teltonika Networks Wiki
As for your particular case, could you upload a screenshot of Status → Network → Mobile page? This may help me identify where the bottleneck is in your configuration. Make sure to blur IMSI, ICCID and Cell ID values for privacy.

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