RUT X50 - 4G and 5G


I know that our LTE is not stable … it will switch sometimes to 4G.

The problem is that the router does obvioulsy not recognize when 5G is back and will stay on 4G … only a reboot helped and then the router is connecting automatic with 5G.

Is this a known behavior - or how I can force the router to switch back to 5G asap without rebooting



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You can manually force the device to connect your desired frequency.

It can be done from the WebUI, on the Network > Mobile > General window.

You can choose the frequency from the Network Type window.

I also added the screenshot below for reference.


Hi …

here you can see my view of it


how can I force to use 5G … when it is connected with 4G

And why the router does not switch automatically to best option … this I understand as AUTO



This behavior typically occurs when a nearby cell with a stronger signal lacks SA 5G capabilities. You can bypass this by either locking the router to the bands specific to the cell with 5G or, for advanced users, by performing a cell lock. Cell locking has the advantage of maintaining all bands during carrier aggregation.

For instance, suppose Cell A offers LTE bands B1, B3, B7, and 5G on n78, while Cell B provides bands B3 and B20. The router will connect to Cell B due to its stronger signal, but it won’t access 5G. By using band locking, you could restrict the router to connect only to B1 and B7, ensuring it connects to Cell A since these bands aren’t available on Cell B. Consequently, you would have access to n78 along with B1 and B7.

Alternatively, with cell locking, you can lock onto B3 of Cell A using its cell ID. This enables the router to aggregate all bands from Cell A, boosting throughput. However, cell locking is not an official feature and may cause stability issues, so it’s not recommended in environments where stability is crucial or where you don’t have physical access to the device.

More information on this process can be found in this thread: RUTX50 - Locking 5G-NSA CA bands manually

We also have a configuration examples on our wiki page. You can access via this link.

Hope that helps!


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