RUT X11 can not send sms. [gsmctl_send_sms:22] error: ERROR: Request timed out

I can not send SMS i think since a firmware update a while ago. I do not use the function regularly (UPS monitoring via curl/API) so i can not say when it stopped working.

Tried both via API and SMS utilities in the web-GUI

If i try via gsmctl i get timeout after about a minute or so.

root@RUTX11:~# gsmctl -S -s “0712345678 test”
[gsmctl_send_sms:22] error: ERROR: Request timed out

logread is silent during this time.

The device has been factory reset.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot? Logs that is specific to the GSM-modem?

Version information:

root@RUTX11:~# gsmctl -y

Teltonika RUTX series 2024

Device: RUTX11
Kernel: 5.10.199
Firmware: RUTX_R_00.07.06.1
Build: 0f141b8753
Build date: 2024-01-02 09:57:45


Welcome to Teltonika Networks Crowd Support!

To resolve your issue, I need you to check on two things:

First, make sure that the SIM you’re using has SMS capabilities.

Second, access the WebUI, go to Network → Mobile → General → Turn off VoLTE. This depends on what your provider allows. In my case I had to turn OFF

Let me know if this cleared your doubts.


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