RUT 956 Sim card not detected / pin error

I recently got my RUT 956 and few days ago I put in my sim card and tested the sms function by sending get requests, and it works, after a few days I tried to put the same sim again and now the network led is flashing green / red. I tried both sim slots and still same thing, and I also tried to put it on my phone and it works fine there, but not on the RUT 956, does anyone have this issue?


If the green and red LEDs are blinking, it indicates either no SIM card or a wrong PIN. However, since you have inserted your SIM card, the issue might be that the device doesn’t recognize it or the PIN code settings have been altered. First, check the settings to see if anything has been changed.

Have you attempted to reboot the device or use a different SIM card? Additionally, have you recently updated your device’s firmware, or perhaps it hasn’t been updated in a while?

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