RUT 956 Remote Wi-Fi client set up

I am trying to work out the best way to set up a RUT 956 as on Wi-fi client at a remote site with out having to network to the Modem and use the WebUI. This is for sites when there is no GSM data connection available.

I need my customers to be able to connect the RUT as a Wi-Fi client on to the local Wi-fi network as simply as possible. I have a HMI I can use to input the local Wi Fi login details but need an easy way to get those details in to the RUT 956.

The RUT 956 is connected to a data board reading Modbus data via RS485, and I have a HMI screen which can write Modbus data to the data board via RS232. Would it be possible to write the Wi-fi login details on to the modbus data registers on the board which then could be read by the RUT 956 and used to connect as a Wi Fi client ?.

An alternative solution could be that I create a file on the HMI and then FTP a file to the RUT 956 the wi fi login details?.

Any alternate suggestions welcome




Both of the solutions should work.

And I know there are many more alternative ways to approach this!

But I want to suggest, more simpler solution for you.
Which is QR code.

You can download a QR code from the WebUI and you can share it with your customers. So they won’t even need to type anything, all they need to do is just “scan”.

QR code won’t change unless you change SSID name or password.
You can download the QR code as .png file from the WebUI.

You can find details from this link.

Please let me know about the updates!


Hi, Thanks for the reply, I am not sure how the QR code can help with set up a unit as a client on an existing Wifi network, as the password will need to be entered on site. I am trying to avoid the customer having to access the WebUI directly, but enter the SSID name and password via a HMI screen, which unfortunately does not have a browser function. Have I have missed something about using the QR code ?. Thanks


I didn’t mean to give access to WebUI for your customers. You can print the QR code on the paper and put it somewhere on site. Or you can share the QR code with them by some other methods if you wish.
If your customers are in the Wi-Fi coverage area, after scanning the QR code they will automatically join the Wi-Fi network. Without needing to enter a password.

I wanted to suggest you this as it was just easier solution.


Thanks for the reply, the problem I have is how to get the RUT to connect to an existing wi-fi network that is in the building.

I think the solution you have suggested is for connecting to a Wi-Fi network created by the RUT in access point mode where the RUT can generate a QR code to log in from another device.

Thank you for you help

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