RUT-955: is it possible to trigger SMS when relay status changes?

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I was wondering if there is a way to trigger an SMS on the RUT-955 when the status of the relay changes from open to closed and viceversa?
There is nothing in “Events reporting rules” or in the “I/O Juggler” sections - am I missing something obvious or there isn’t a way to get the device to notify the change of status?
If this is the case, are there any other options apart from polling the device via ssh or html for the i/o status?

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You can enable Modbus TCP Server, configure Modbus TCP Client to get relay status from RUT955 itself, and configure a Modbus Alarm to send SMS when relay status changes.

Here’s an example:

You can create a similar alarm for when the register value is 0 (relay open) to send a different SMS message.

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Many thanks for the quick reply @AndzejJ , I’ll test what you suggested and will let you know if I need any more help.

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