RUT 955 identify Legacy Hardware

Hello, we are using a number of RUT955 devices and all still running by OS_6.x (Legacy).

In case that we now use only RUT956 with the OS_7.x system, we want to bring up all old devices to the same condition for maintainence reasons.

Is there a CLI command or option to check wether the RUT955 device is able to run the OS_7.x.

The device are placed at different far locations and we have to check before doing a migration.

Thanks for help

Maybe I found by myself:

mnf_info -n

will print the device name but this is the Product-Code.

which will allow to identify if RUT955 is a legacy device like said in firmwares:

FW version RUT9_R_00.07.00 and above will not be supported on legacy-design (RUT955 7V**) devices.

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