RUT 955 Fail to send data

i have installed RUT 955 on remote area. there is 4g connection on the area. i configure the RUT to send data every 5 minutes. but sometimes the RUT do not send the data. for ex. 15.00, 15.05, 15.20. so the 15.10 and 15.15 is missing. i assume it was the bad 4g connection.

is there any ways to solve this problem? maybe is there any chance to store the data on other device and when the signal is good the RUT will send all the data that stored in other device?

and then i got some small issue with electrical power. when the power goes down, RUT Shutdown and when the power goes up again, the RUT wont auto reconnect to 4g connection. i have to reboot it manually. can you guys help me with this problem?


FYI the RUT read RS-485 serial devices from field instruments and send it by MQTT

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