RUT 955 : 07.04.3 : Flush connections does NOT work in this case

Dear Teltonika team,

see still open case in old forum:

Failover is working fine and clients following the Internet-Connection/WAN when failover happens.
BUT, if ONLY Internet stops on an WAN-interface and interface failovers to the next interface as usual the Client-connection is still hanging on old WAN-interface that does no more provide internet.

So, Client-Connection-Flush seems NOT working, your Connection-Flush procedure does NOT recognize the internet-drop on that WAN-interface, DESPITE failover is working fine!

That’s a bug.

You could simply reproduce:
OK : Just unplug WAN-cable on router, then failover happens, then Client/Handy re-connects to new WAN (e.g. mob1sa1) or so). Fine.
NOK : Just stop Internet on WAN-cable on router, then failover happens, then Client/Handy should re-connect to new WAN (e.g. mob1s
a1) or so) - but Client still hangs on old internet-less connection.

Please help,


Could you clarify if you have enabled “Flush connections” option on both WAN and mob1s1a1 interfaces? And selected both Connected and Disconnected options?

I did now several tests and may be my fault was that I had to restart ping on test-client, to let reflect new connection. So with flushing at connect & disconnect it looks like working :slight_smile:

Question: Do you see any issue/disadvantage using flush for connect AND disconnect on all failover-IFs?

Thx for your help, Rainer


Apologies for a late response.
The advantages/disadvantages really depend on your particular setup. If both connections are reliable, and can reach the same endpoints, then there is no need to flush the connections, as that will cause a temporary disconnection. Alternatively, if data source has a slow/limited connection, you might want to get on the main connection ASAP, thus flushing the connections.

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