RUT-950 max VPN client speed?

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I’m curious about the maximum upload and download speeds that the RUT-950 router can achieve when connected to a VPN using OpenVPN.

For instance, when I connect via the OpenVPN client on my PC, I’m able to get around 30 Mbps from my 40 Mbps internet connection (download). However, when I use the same network setup with the RUT-950 router, I’m only able to achieve speeds of 5 Mbps to 7 Mbps (with Software Flow Offloading enabled).

I’m interested to hear your thoughts. Do you think there’s potential to achieve higher speeds, or is the 7 Mbps range the limit for the RUT-950?

Thanks in advance for your insights!


It should be possible to achieve higher speeds if the encryption settings are lowered, however, as the RUT950 is intended for industrial use, it’s main purpose isn’t to achieve the highest possible speeds. For that, I’d recommend exploring our RUTX lineup.
However, OpenVPN is considered quite “heavy” in terms of system resources, thus it’s usually used for compatibility across various kind of systems and networks. OpenVPN team is already working on DCO (basically software offloading for OpenVPN), however, it will take some time for this kernel module to make it into RutOS, thus until then, I’d recommend using Wireguard, as it uses much less system resources and can achieve much higher speeds.

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Thank you for the response. I’ve already tried experimenting with Wireguard. However, I believe there’s still some work to be done with Rutos. While I can establish a connection effortlessly using my OSX or iPhone Wireguard client, I encounter numerous issues when attempting to do so with Rutos. I apologize for the off-topic comment.

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