RUT 950, different 4g(LTE) antennas on the router?

I have a Teltonika RUT950 in my sailboat (in Sweden).
The router is of course placed below the deck.
Right now I only have the two included mobile antennas for contact with the 4g/LTE stations. In order to improve the reception, I want to buy a new external antenna to place outdoors, but to be able to use existing ducts through the boat hull, I cannot buy an antenna with dual receivers, which would have meant thicker cable diameter that there is no room for for today on the boat’s sewers. Is there any problem with having an external antenna of a better variety connected to the “main” outside and the existing antenna directly mounted on the router under the deck?
The antennas will then have a distance of about 5 meters between them, the small existing antenna “aux” under the deck and “main” connected to the antenna that is outdoors. The antenna I intend to possibly connect to main is then a “Poynting OMNI-493”

Magnus Skoglund, Sweden


Your plan seems viable and should work well. A better antenna shouldn’t interfere with functionality, as the main antenna will handle most of the workload.

However, here are a couple of suggestions to consider:

  • Opting for 4G/LTE since RUT950 doesn’t support 5G. This way, you’ll save on the antenna or have the option to buy a better one that supports 4G without 5G.

  • Checking the connector type or selecting an appropriate adapter. For instance, the mentioned antenna uses a different connector from the one on the RUT950.

Kind regards,

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