RUT 420 default password not working

I have a RUT420 which has been factory reset. I can not log in to the WiFi with the default password admin01 as it needs 1 more character. What am I supposed to enter?
Any help appreciated

“admin01” is the default password for the WebUI (IP
For WiFi it must be a different one - it is usually printed on a sticker, placed on the bottom of the router.
Can you look for that sticker and see the password there?

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Thanks!! I only have the product from second hand and doesn’t look like I have that sticker… is there anything I can do?

Well, you can connect to your RUT420 with a LAN cable and then open in your browser.
On that page username “admin” and password “admin01” should work to login.
Once logged in, you can configure the wireless according to your needs.
You can specify your own encryption method/password in there.

RUT240 Wireless - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Does that help?

PS: And make sure your router is operating on the latest firmware, which is version 07.06.10 as of today.

RUT240 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki


The Wi-Fi password is completely different from the general device password. If you have correctly reset your device to factory default settings, the Wi-Fi password should be located on the underside of your router, specifically on the line labeled “WIFI PASSWORD” and as @TeWe mentioned, once you log in to the router’s WebUI, you can change all settings as needed.

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Hi thanks for this reply. Unfortunately I’m just getting "this site can’t be reached when I try to do it this way. Is there anything obvious I’m missing?
Should I need an internet connection to do this? (Doesn’t work whether I’m connected to WiFi or not)

Thanks again!

Never mind I’ve got it working!


I’m glad to hear you got it working! Could you please share what the solution was?

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When connecting to the laptop I had put the cable into the WAN port like a numpty lol. I’m stuck trying to figure how I can change the password for it if you can help? Thanks!

I mean the WiFi password to log in to from other devices btw!

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