RUT 241 Mobile Connection

I am using the router to connect a CCTV camera.

I can see the camera through the wifi option, but I can not to access though the mobile interface to the router to see the camera.

I don’t know what paramerters to change, I have visited some of your topics but i have not achieve my goal.


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To reach your camera using a mobile interface you need to configure a Port forwarding rule on your Teltonika device which will allow you to access your CCTV camera using Public IP and preferred port.

First of all, you have to make sure your router mobile interface uses Public IP, if not you have to change the APN that provides you with one.

After you have a Public IP on your mobile interface, a port forwarding rule has to be created.

To achieve this, simply login to your router via WebUI and navigate to Network ->Firewall->Port Forwards enter the preferred name, and add new internal/external ports that are used on your CCTV camera for Web Interface. By default Web Interface uses 80, I suggest you change it to for example 8000 in your CCTV camera settings. Use the same ports for your router. If your camera is connected directly to your router, you should be able to see it in the Internal IP address section. When filled up, click Add → Save & apply.

If everything is done correctly, you should be able to reach your CCTV camera using your Public IP and port number, for example, 84.15..:8000.

You can also find more information in our wiki page about remote camera access that might guide you with the configuration.

Also, if there is no possibility of getting a Public IP, you can access your remote camera by using the Teltonika RMS system. You will still need to create a port forwarding rule for this connection but instead of accessing your camera with Public IP, you will need to create a Remote Access. You can achieve this by logging in to your RMS account and navigating to RMS Connect ->Add->Manual. In the opened window, select your RUT241 device, enter your preferred name, the IP of the camera, the HTTP port of your camera, and select protocol - HTTP then click on add.

Once your Remote access for a camera is created, simply click on connect sc2

, and you should be directed to your camera’s WebUI window.

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