Rut 240 status Offline and SIM is connected

I don’t know why someone router status is Offline if the SIM connection is ok

The company has 59 Credits remaining and 0 Packs remaining is the problem due to the 0 paks?
how can i increase them?
Another problem:
If Data Connection state is “Disconnected” with which SMS command can i reactivate the SIM’s connection?

i have a router which is showing typical problem. Data sim card in inserted. router is showing sim is okay network is detected but the data is offline.

If i connect the sim to my mobile its fine and works well.


For device monitoring, RMS credits are required, and since you mentioned that your company has credits, the issue must lie elsewhere. Data packs are utilized for RMS Connect and RMS VPN functionalities.

Regarding the SIM cards, have you used them with Teltonika devices before? If so, is this issue occurring for the first time?

Regarding SMS commands, you can use SMS mobileon to turn mobile connection on.
More information about SMS utilities can be found on our wiki pages:

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Thank you Marija,
I have several SIM cards installed on Teltonika devices and some are Online.
In February and March we experienced excessive download peaks and wanted to check the settings and put in daily download limits.
But I have encountered some offline routers and therefore cannot access the WebUI.

Mobileon is not the correct command, it does not work.
I disabled the mobile button on the right as in the picture.
pw+mobileon does not work



Thank you for the information.

Regarding RMS, could you please check the error indication next to ‘Connection state’ in the WebUI? You can navigate to Services → Cloud Solutions → RMS to find it.

Regarding the SMS command, in this situation, you need to send 2 SMS messages:

  1. <rut password> uci delete network.mob1s1a1.disabled
  2. <rut password> uci commit network

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