RUT 240 - All LEDs are blinking


I am trying to set up a RUT 240, but I am unable to connect to the WebUI and I cannot understand why since I have done it before. But with this particular unit, it doesnt work and i dont know why. What I noticed: Once it has booted, ALL LEDs are blinking, roughly once a second. All LEDs means: Connection Status LEDs, Signal Strength LEDs and both Ethernet Port LEDs. These are blinking in the same rythm. What does that mean?

This Link is known, but doesnt help: RUT240 LEDs - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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Could you please confirm whether you have attempted to perform a factory reset? If not, I recommend trying this step and letting me know the outcome.

Thank you!

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Thanks for your help. I actually did two factory resets. First, I did it with the 2 x 10 Seconds Method I read somewhere here. As a result, the LEDs were blinking quite confusing. Mostly, it was the Connections Status LEDs and the Signal Strength LEDs, of both categories all LEDs, blinking alternating. So at one point, it was all the Signal Strength LEDs, while the Connections Status LEDs were off. And vice versa. And doing all this in a changing rhythm without any recognizable pattern. And once in a while, all LEDs were on (incl. Port LEDs) just to get back to the alternating blinking with inconsistent rhythm.
So, I did another factory reset, using the method from your link. And now I am back where I startet. All LEDs blinking simultaneously and in a constant manner.


Thank you for confirming that you have tried a factory reset. In addition to this, there’s also a special router state used as a recovery tool called the Bootloader menu, in case the router becomes inaccessible even after a factory reset. I recommend performing it to see if anything changes and if you will be able to access your RUT240 again. Please keep me updated.

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Hello Marija, thanks for that Idea. I will update the firmware as described and get back to you. How important is updating the bootloader itself? Do you recommend doing so? And in which order should it be done?

As mentioned before, the Bootloader menu is used to recover the device when it is completely unreachable and a factory reset hasn’t resolved the issue. If the factory reset doesn’t work, the Bootloader menu typically helps in these situations. I definitely recommend trying it out. To complete it correctly, please follow all the steps from the provided wiki page.

Please proceed with accessing the Bootloader menu and let me know if it helps!

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Thanks for clarifying it. I cannot access the bootloader menu, but I am not fully sure about the instruction. It says ALL Leds should light up. Should they remain light or should they start blinking? With my device, they start blinking almost immediately. And as long as i push the reset button after powering it, the middle connection status led remains dark until I release the reset button.

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Sorry for the late response. The lights should not start blinking; they should just light up. After setting a static IP on your PC, you should be able to reach to update the device firmware version. Please try accessing the bootloader menu again by following all the steps described on our wiki page. If it fails again, your device will likely need an RMA procedure. For that, please contact us through our website by filling out the form at this link.

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Dear Marija,

thanks for clarifying. I could not access the bootloader. Since I mostly use a restricted laptop, I needed a workaround for the fixed IP. Anyway, even a factory reset does not work anymore, the LEDs simply keep blinking.
I am not too sure wha you mean by “RMA procedure”, but to me this router seems defect and I will approach my seller.


Perhaps it’s possible to use Terminal on your PC to set a static IP address.

  1. Run Terminal as an administrator.
  2. Execute the command netsh interface ipv4 set address "Ethernet" static

You can check if the IP address has changed by executing the command ipconfig /all and looking at the Ethernet interface, which should have changed.

If it’s not possible on your PC, perhaps you could try the bootloader procedure on another PC to see if it resolves the issue?

Regarding RMA, it stands for Return Merchandise Authorization. Teltonika provides a 24-month guarantee for its products. If there’s an issue that can’t be fixed by the device recovery procedures, the device can be sent in for RMA.

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Thanks for your help. I did return the device to the seller and they confirmed the defect and provided a new one.


I’m glad to hear your issue is resolved!

Please don’t hesitate to ask on this forum if you have any more questions or concerns.

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