RUT 200 passthrough to Draytek 2862

Hello after some configuration help, looking at the two physical ports of the RUT200 im guessing I iuse the WAN port from the RUT200 to the Draytek not the LAN port. I understand passthrough is more reliable than Bridged.


Hello, JamesM

Both options - WAN to WAN and LAN to WAN are possible, however, please note that if you had Mobile/LTE Bridge and Passthrough modes in mind, neither of these would work with a WAN to WAN connection as they can only be applied in LAN to WAN connection.

The difference between these two modes are that Bridge mode is more restrictive, it disables router features completely.

Passthrough mode allows you to still use some of the router capabilities, such as DHCP Server.

In LAN to WAN option -Passthrough and Bridge modes will assign a WAN IP received from LTE interface to your end device connected to RUT200 LAN port. In that case of using Passthrough or Bridge mode - the wiring should be RUT200 LAN port → Draytek 2862 WAN port.

Configuration on RUT should look like this :

More info about Bridge and Passthrough mode can be found here :

Hope this answers the question. If not, please let us know more details.

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