RTX50 speed test - skips download test

Modem: RG501QEUAAR12A08M4G_04.200.04.200

The internal speed test, while working previously now only delivers results for upload. I have rebooted, reset to factory default, used alternative servers with no change. Earlier today, it started to attempt a download test, however failed with the message “failed to find provider”. Selecting and refreshing the providers list delivered no improvement. I have run out of ideas.


The issue was identified by our RnD team and will be addressed in RutOS 7.7 release. However, it should be noted, that this behavior is dependant on the Speed test server chosen, so only some of them may result in this error.
Additionally, to measure the mobile connection speed, we always recommend testing it from a LAN device connected to the router via an Ethernet cable. This should result in higher speeds, as the router will not have to generate/process all of the traffic itself.
Thank you for reporting the issue!

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Thanks…do you know which server is less likely to error?

Servers differ from region to region, and I’m only able to see the ones around Vilnius, Lithuania area, so I’d suggest testing a few of the servers available to you locally.

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I have the same issue.
Should you not remove the Speed test, awiting a functional service?
Also, when will the RutOS 7.7. be released?


The package was not removed as it still works with some servers. As for RutOS 7.7 release, we currently do not have a concrete date when the firmware will be released.
However, it should be noted, that to get the most accurate results, we always recommend using a LAN device connected via Ethernet to measure internet speed.

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I have tried 10 of the 20 servers in the list to choose from and I can’t get any to show the download speed (upload works on all of them) Can you state which servers work or is there a way to set it to use a certain server? It always defaults back to the closest one.

Whilst testing via a LAN connection on a laptop might be better, depending on the deployment, this isnt always possible. We are using the RMS and the ability to check the speed remotely is very useful.

I noticed the same issue in Portugal. No download speed.

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