RTUX50 WiFi disconnects - need help determining if it's device or ISP

My RUTX50 firmware and internal modem firmware is up to date.

My connection is 5G NSA since SA is not yet available where I live in Finland.

  • My current ISP and another ISP here will maybe offer SA earliest end of 2024. The other sold me an SA connection when I visited a store last week but when I tried the SIM is was NSA, so it seemed the guy didn’t know what I was asking for.

  • Not sure if they will allow SIM only 5G SA then since another here told me they will currently offer SA but not without also purchasing their provided router (Zyxel/ZTE/Nokia).

  • I have also read and been told by an ISP that manually selecting bands and removing B20 800 MHz might help with connection quality

I have the stock 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi networks running.
And in both I have enabled these settings that I found in another post here

If so, could you please access the WebUI of the device, navigate to Network → Wireless → edit your access point → Advanced settings and:
enable the option to disable inactivity polling
disable ‘Disassociate On Low Acknowledgement

Note: I got so frustrated by the connection drops that I began to use the WiFi functions of my old Huawei 4G router via LAN to WAN connection but I noticed that it also randomly disconnected so I returned to RTUX50 only.

Note: In a previous post here it was suggested that I use LAN cables only, which is kind of silly since I don’t want cables running throughout the home but nevertheless I am investing in some LAN cables just to test WiFi vs LAN to the RUTX50.

I have been trying to use the Events Log to determine where the issue is. I mean is the issue the WiFi disconnecting or the actual mobile network connection.


Is there some kind of script I could run to either log WiFi and mobile network disconnects or some kind of assistance in determining the issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It was a temporary suggestion / solution to establish if your loss of service was a WiFi issue or a Mobile connectivity issue, however Ethernet cables are very easy to fit under carpets around the edges of a room!!? TEMPOARILY using an Ethernet cable will help to establish where your problem is, or may be. I have 5 ethernet cables within my home and nobody can see a single one of them.

Using dodgy, unreliable WiFi connectivity for business use where streaming video calls etc is a core part of that business is silly!

I’m sure that someone will offer further help shortly, good luck, i hope you sort out your problem soon.

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All the help and advice is greatly appreciated. I am still testing things.

This morning the WiFi disconnected after around 20 mins and then went into a connected/disconnected loop which was odd. I am currently trying to use WiFi channels not already in use based on the available WiFi networks the device can detect.


Currently, it’s a bit unclear whether the issue is related to the Wi-Fi or the mobile connection. However, considering that two separate Wi-Fi instances are disconnecting, it seems more likely to be a mobile connection problem. To confirm and troubleshoot, we can enable event logging to track the mobile connection status.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Navigate to Services → Event reporting → Event reporting rules.
  2. Add a new rule with the event type set to “Mobile data.” You can customize other settings based on your preferences for receiving event alerts.

To rule out Wi-Fi issues, could you clarify what you mean by “Wi-Fi connection drops”? Are your devices getting disconnected from Wi-Fi, or are they losing internet connection?

It’s also a good idea to conduct tests using LAN connections, as this can help eliminate potential Wi-Fi disconnect issues.

Please share any additional findings or information, and we’ll be able to investigate this issue further.

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Can this system only send email or can it just log a message inside the router admin console?

I checked used WiFI channels using the router and swtiched to channels not being used and that seemed to improve things for the rest of the day yesterday. Although I noticed now when checking that although I selected 5GHz band 48 or more, that the channel isn’t being used, the device appeared to be offering channel 44 anyway or have I misunderstood something?

Yes devices are being disconnected from WiFi. In the Windows taskbar it will show as connected one moment and the next offline. I have ordered some LAN cables and will indeed be testing.


If your Wi-Fi is dropping, it might be because you’re using 5GHz DFS channels, specifically channels 52-144. These channels are reserved for radar, like military radar, satellite communication, and weather radar. When you enable Wi-Fi on these bands, your router has to wait to check if there are no active radars in use. If a radar is detected on the channel your router is using, it can instruct connected Wi-Fi devices to stop transmission and switch to another available channel. This can result in disconnections for connected devices.

If you’ve been using these bands, consider locking your Wi-Fi to channels outside the 52-144 range or using only the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Test if the Wi-Fi remains stable with these changes. Additionally, you can use cables for an internet connection to see if the issue persists.

In summary, try using other 5GHz Wi-Fi bands or stick to 2.4GHz only. If the problem continues, feel free to reach out to us again.

Best of luck,


I have not been using 5GHz DFS channels. I only recently tried to use different channels, like 48. The router seems to be serving 44 though (a widely used band in my location). If I select a band that is not in use as reported by the WiFi scanner function, is the device supposed to serve only that band?


The router is supposed to serve only the selected band. To ensure this, you can manually restart the WiFi service after making the selection. Execute the following line in the router’s command line interface (CLI):

/etc/init.d/network restart

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Thanks for the tip. I ran that command, 48 serves 44 and 40 serves 36, or so it seems so I must be doing something wrong?


Have you considered switching to a 20MHz operating frequency instead of 80MHz? Using a higher frequency width can lead to issues like channel jumping, reduced signal penetration and range, susceptibility to interference, and compatibility problems.

Switching to 20MHz should resolve the channel jumping problem.

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Yes that sorted it, thank you @Marijus :wink:

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thank you for sharing this…

It was a good thing that I invested in long ethernet cables as I have needed to switch to one today.
I booted up the router this morning, I did not change any settings yesterday and today the WiFi speed on both SSIDs will not go > 3 mbps. I tried recreating the SSIDs and radio settings to see if that would help but it did not. I have no idea what is going on with this one. LAN speed on the left, WiFi 2.4/5GHz on the right.
[EDIT] I factory reset the RUTX50 which resolved the WiFi issue.

thank you for sharing this...

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