RS485 Serial over IP with multiple slaves

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I have a current setup of industrial devices with 10 slave devices and one hub/gateway device using RS485 (using a proprietary protocol as far as I can tell, not Modbus).

I want to move the hub device to a different location and use two TRB145 modems configured for Serial over IP to keep the connectivity between the slave devices and the hub via an IP network. Is this possible? Most of what I see online about the TRB145 says something similar to “ideal for connecting a single device” whereas I want to connect 10 devices on one side to one device on the other side.

Would the two TRB145 devices need different configs? Does the one on the slave device side need a “master” setting and the one on the hub side need a “slave” setting? Or is that all controlled at a higher application level?

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TRB145 can work as a “transparent bridge” in Serial over IP mode. In this mode, device addressing is handled at a higher level, and the TRB145 simply relays the messages. One TRB will be a server, and another one will be a client. Communication and addressing should be handled by the devices connected to TRB.
To ensure stable communication, make sure use 120 Ohm termination resistors, since the RS485 line will be shared by multiple devices.

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