Routing Lan to Lan over Wifi Interface

Dear all,

i have a Problem setting up the routing from one Lan to another.

i want to access the Camera from my Client 1.
When i try to ping the camera directly from the RUT955 it works.
When i create a portforwarding on the RUT955 i can acess the camera from the client.
When i try to acess the camera from my client it says timeout.

Can you help me what i have to adjust on the rut, so that i can access the camera directly from the client.
Or do i need to set the static route on the client itself.

Thank you very much for your support!

Welcome to the Teltonika Forum !

Could you please explain the WAN source here
If RUT955 has wifi, why is there a Guest Wifi in topology, is it possible to directly connect Router 2 to Rut 955
I would like to know the reachability of Client, can client 1 reach router 2

For Lan to Lan communication We would like tor recommend Static route as set below for your case

Let us know if it works and kindly revert if any issue


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