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As [FEATURE REQUEST] Add "Shutdown" to web UI of Routers - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks and CLI Commands: shutdown - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks demonstrate, significant and reasonable desire to be able to safely shutdown Teltonika routers exists. I do not believe that the mere expectation that the OS rarely performs IO:

OpenWrt, upon which Teltonika RutOS is based on, is designed in a way that it performs very few writes to flash, unless you are running some application, specifically configured to perform data writing to flash, any corruption is very unlikely. All the logs are by default stored in device’s RAM and are lost upon each device boot, unless configured otherwise.

As stated in is adequate rationale for the apparent nonexistence of this feature. However, per, does this feature really not exist, or is it merely not exposed via the GUI?


The RutOS file system is designed to withstand unexpected power loss, ensuring the integrity of the system even when the power cable is disconnected without initiating a proper shutdown. This robust feature eliminates the need for a prior shutdown procedure, providing users with the convenience and assurance that the file system won’t be susceptible to corruption during sudden power interruptions.

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@Marija, although the FS might not corrupt itself, that’s a fairly low bar. The fact that I need to ensure no IO is occurring (like by rebooting before I pull the power) is utterly unnecessary, and a rather amateurish manner of operation. Is there a technical reason to not even provide the option? Thus far, I really haven’t seen one. Being resilient against invasion doesn’t mean that you fire all the diplomats. Can it not even be performed from the CLI?


All of our products are created to not lose data and to avoid damaging the file system during shutdown. If you want to have more security, you can stop the Samba service if you are concerned about potential data corruption on an external flash drive.

Additionally, to turn off the router, you can utilize the “poweroff” command in the CLI (you will not able to turn it on without disconnecting and connecting power supply wire).

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Thank you, @Marija.

Is it possible to quickly text a dismount command to the router prior to a controlled loss of power. I, too, do not want to damage the USB drive or the data on it.

A relatively quick and simple need to do this is important.

The assumption being that the connected USB drive will be remounted on powering up.

I’m modernizing my home and occasionally theirs a need to turn the power off as i rewire the building room to room, a quick solution is needed to keep the electrician and other tradesmen happy.

A quick text with a returned success response would be excellent.

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