Routed IPSEC (vti)

On the old community channel there are a few posts about successfully getting routed IPSEC working. I realise it is not supported out of the box…

I’m using an RUTX50 with firmware 07.06.3

I’ve compiled a new firmware from the SDK with kmod-ip-vti enabled but cannot find package vtiv4 or vti

cannot install it in the new firmware using opkg or install the feed into the SDK - does it no longer exist? Is it no longer required?

I’ve followed the links from various posts (most notably Sagar’s video and document 467.6 KB file on MEGA )

I can establish the IPSEC tunnel but suspect due to not having package vti do not seem to be able to route any traffic over the tunnel. Still troubleshooting but wondered if anyone else had managed this and if so how?

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