RMS VPN Hub stability (Germany vs Bahrain)

I configured my first VPN Hub today and have been playing around with it for some hours, accessing a remote device connected to a RUT241. I created my first VPN Hub in Germany (natural choice since I reside in Sweden). The communication seemed to be fast, but I did get a lot of disconnects from the VPN on my Windows PC running the Teltonika RMS VPN client. The errors messages I got was (reply-ping) I believe. This happened quite frequently. So I decided to delete this VPN Hub and created a new one, but this time I choose Bahrain instead of Germany. Now my VPN connection is very stable, I haven’t got a single disconnect. BUT I do notice that the actual communication is slower. Slow but stable. I would of course prefer fast and stable.

Is the Germany server overloaded perhaps? If so, is it a known issue and is it temporary?

Is there somewhere I can check server status or some other health check for Teltonika’s services?

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