RMS VPN hub feature

Dear Teltonika Team,

My RUTX11 in my mobile home is connected via WireGuard with my router at home. I connect my mobile devices to my RUTX11 and have (secured) access to home, too.

Now I saw that the RMS mobile app (Android) has this new feature about RMS VPN. I set up a hub (my RUTX11) and 4 guests (4 family Members, each has the Teltonika RMS app and the Teltonika ID app installed on their phones). Now I wonder if we need this at all and what exactly we could do with this.

Admittedly, my experience with VPN is just enough to understand that it allows us a secured connection between the RUTX11 in the car and the router at home. But what exactly is this RMS VPN hub feature for?

Thanks for nudging me into the right direction. :blush:

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RMS VPN is primarily crafted for the remote, efficient, and cost-effective management of extensive networks. However, it can also function as a straightforward VPN service.

Generally, if you’ve already configured Wireguard, using RMS VPN might feel redundant. If securing the connection is your main concern, Wireguard alone should suffice.

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