RMS VPN Hub and IP gateway

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I have a Dante sound device behind a TRB140 LAN port statically configured (as the TRB is This port is used to configure this sound device.
The Dante protocol doesn’t support routing so there is no “default gateway” field in the IP configuration.

I have successfully configured the RMS VPN Hub and I can access others devices in the subnet (because they have a default gateway) but it’s impossible to access the Dante device because the lack of a default gateway…

Is it possible to configure the RMS VPN IP range inside the device range so there is no need to route the network ?

I know that this is possible with OpenVPN TAP Bridge but with the lack of public IP it’s not possible…



Maybe there is a reason why ‘default gateway’ is not available on that device. Is it possible that the device uses broadcast/multicast? If so, broadcasts/multicasts will not be routed over RMS VPN as it is a layer 3 VPN. The networks need to be different to be able to route properly over RMS VPN.

Also, you mentioned that you are able to reach LAN devices over VPN. Are you able to ping your ‘Dante’ device? If not, you can try setting masquerading on LAN interface in Network → Firewall (LAN => WAN). Check if you can ping/reach that device then.

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Wow… And it worked !!! :blush: :muscle:

Yes, this device use broadcast/multicast (it’s an AoIP pro audio device Multiverter)

It worked with IP masquerading and I can access the web interface.

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