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Hi, I would like to know if there’s any way to setup the periodic reports for another date rather than just the 10th day, I don’t know if possible how to set it up. Thanks in advance

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Yes, there is an option to create periodic reports based on a particular date, to achieve this you need to select “Start date” when creating/editing a periodic report. However, this function only allows you to select the start date on a weekly/monthly period, despite the fact that you are not able to select the time. You can find more information on our wiki page.

Also, I assign a screenshot where changes should be made to achieve this configuration.

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Hi, thanks for your kind reply. I have tried what you said to me but still finishes or creates the report on an unselected date which usually is the 10th to 11th. I will attach some pictures to show you. I need the report be finished” or ready on the last day of the month where on the 1st I can look at it.

Hopefully I make sense

Hi , is there any solution for this?

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After more research, I found out that it is unfortunately an issue with our RMS system. Our team still looking for a way to solve the problem. I will get you updated as soon as I have any news.


Thank you very much, I’ll be looking for that solution, is there anyway that you could tell me when could it be fixed, or dm me, it’s important for me because I need to be looking at the reports on the day mentioned.

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