RMS Remote Access Refresh link

Hi, I am trying to setup a long term remote access link using the Teltonika RMS platform.

I successfully set up a link to a remote RUT955, and all is working. After a few hours/days the remote access link times out, although I have set a very long “active duration”. This means I cannot use the link without re-logging into RMS and clicking the referesh link button. Is there anyway I can get the link to always be active without needing to re-login and press the referesh link button?


Currently no, we are working on a solution that would solve this issue, however, it’s not yet released

Is there anything I can do from my side to minimise it happening in the meantime? Is there a timeline on when this feature will be released?

Hello, it is also in my/our interesst to deal with this problem as fast as possible.
Maybe there is a way to batch the reconnect action for more than one device at one time?

I guess you could do mass regenerate link call with RMS API: