RMS Multi Year Credit Activated

I just activated a 10 year credit on my RMS account, with a single Router (RUT950) on it.

Next day I still get the warning that my RMS will end on 4/28/24


Help !


It seems that your previous credit expired yesterday. Could you please confirm if you are currently able to monitor your device for which you recently activated new credit?

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Why would you activate a 10 year credit?

Well, if you look at available pricing options, you can answer this question to yourself :wink:


And within these 10 years you can also swap your hardware…

I would be more interested in hardware options that will support the functions tomorrow, let alone the day after tomorrow

It seems the system is distinguishing between ‘Credits’ and ‘Management Packs’.

Today the router shows as ‘Offline’, although it is clearly working and connected to the internet.
I’ll keep you posted.
Yeah, 10 Year Pack is a no-brainer when you look at the pricing. Regardless if the hardware will be obsolete (which I am very sure it is).


To monitor and manage your RUT950 via RMS, you need to enable the ‘Service’ first.

Please let me know if this helps!

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When I toggle the service, it switches again off immediately with the message ‘no available credit’

Please advise.

One step further - I found the place to SELECT the Pack.

After selecting the Pack, i can toggle the service to ON.

Router still shows offline, but it may take a while to get online I assume.

I would be helpful to document that in the mail that I got after purchasing the Pack.
A few sentences would do wonders for customer satisfaction :slight_smile:

Bingo ! It just came online.
Thank you for pointing me into the right direction Marija.

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