RMS MFA not working. No access to recovery codes

A few days ago, I setup MFA for Teltonika RMS. I was able to log in right away, but I haven’t been able to login since then. I get the message “Confirmation failed.”.

I did not record the recovery codes so I’m unable to reset them. Can support reset them?


Could you please specify which 2FA method you selected to log in to RMS? Is it through Email, the Teltonika ID app, or a Time-based one-time password?

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Time based one-time password.

Thank you for confirming the method you selected.
Could you please specify what you mean by ‘you weren’t able to log in’? Are you entering a code from the app and receiving a ‘Confirmation failed’ message? If so, please double-check if you are entering the code correctly (I’ve just tested it now and everything works fine) and try logging in again.
Please let me know how it goes!

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Sorry, I should have been clearer.

When I go to RMS | Remote management system (teltonika-networks.com) and enter my username and password, it prompts to enter a verification code. I set this up recently as a time based one-time password.
Every time I enter the verification code from my authenticator app I will get the following error:

I do not have the recovery codes.

I would like to either remove the time based one-time password, or change the method to email verification.


Thank you for information. I have sent you a form to fill out so we can contact privately. Please use ‘5417’ as the ticket ID.

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