RMS Maintenance Information

General question but i am looking for any source/link/feed where i can be informed about upcoming Maintenance’s (like the one today with VPNs in RMS). Is there such thing, i only see a subscription for the newsletter which i now did but that does not sound like the correct source.

Also is there a general service status page for RMS services (e.g. to see if the VPN service in general should be working).



RMS (or any of it’s services) maintenance is announced via the newsletter, as well as via a banner on RMS home page or any of the related services. In this case, maintenance was announced on the RMS VPN Hubs page.
We appreciate your patience!

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Thats fine, but we still need to get updated info on the progress, i have no idea if i am able to solve a customer case in 10minutes or 10hours…

Solicito información actualizada del progreso del mantenimiento del día de hoy con VPN, no tengo conectividad a equipos importantes desde hace 4 horas. Gracias.


Maintenance is currently planned to be ongoing until around noon tomorrow (Eastern European time). This does not mean that VPN Hubs will be down for that long, it simply means that some stability issues could be expected during this period.
If any issues ar experienced after the end of maintenance period, please let us know so we can look into the issue further.
Once again, thank you everyone for your pacience!

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While writing a furious rant it all comes back online. But now I don’t know what to do. The information on the VPN Hub page says it’s only February 28th and you say it’s untill February 29th around noon.

Will it go offline tonight again, or not?


We are doing our best to complete it by noon today. The VPN hubs are gradually resuming their normal functions, but they will remain inaccessible on the RMS webpage until the maintenance is over.

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The communication of the planned outage could have been alot clearer. So you are advising it should be backup within the next 2 hours?


I don’t understand how this has not been communicated via email to customers. I am NOT subscribed to the newsletter but I consider (maybe I am wrong) that this should not be communicated by that means. I repeat this is a personal opinion.

It is a very unpleasant to see how nothing works and the only notice is a screen of vpn in maintenance.

As I have already seen that this should be fixed in about two hours we will wait patiently.

On the other hand I have not seen the SLA you offer, could you put it in this post?


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Thanks @Daumantas for the update on this issue.

But my question was more general, where i can be informed about stuff like this and where i can get “real-time” updates.
While i appreciate it, that you gave us an update here, i think all the comments show that probably some information channel is missing.

For now i have subscribed to the newsletter (for me that does not seem to be the correct channel/name as newsletter for me implies new products and maybe platform improvements but not status updates) and will see how that goes.

Is there any update to this? As all my VPNs still cannot connect.



Our RnD is working on this maintenance on top priority, so be assured that it will soon be available for all RMS users. No additional changes will be needed afterward.
In the meanwhile, depending on the situation and use case, RMS Connect might also be an option to reach remote devices. This service is fully operational and can be used.
We appreciate everyone’s patience and I will post further updates once I have them.

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At this moment our VPN Hub is online and stable for 2 hours.

Do you know if it will shut down again later today? Or was this the final outage?

Which Country do you use for Hubs?

I have 2 offline in Bahrain and 1 online in Germany that won’t connect :frowning:

I have only one hub in Germany. This is the last 24h:


Came back online approx 10:04 CEST

12:33 CEST: Nevermind it’s back offline

Mine too :frowning:

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5 hours ago you advised it owuld be completed by noon, it is now well past that timeline please provide everyone an update asap


RMS maintenance is now complete, and the RMS VPN should be reachable :magic_wand:. Please go ahead and test it. If you encounter any issues, please come back and report them.

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We never received such message via the newsletter… Teltonika VPN shutdown as a big impact on multiple clients where their system interconnection depends on it. Having been noticed we could have create temporary tunnel to maintain critical water production site. Yesterday’s nightmare and high cost impact make our company seriously thinking of moving out of RMS platform.


Is there any follow up from Teltonika what exaclty happened? And how it’s possible we did not know about the maintenance? And how to prevent another downtime for 24 hours?

If our services will go offline that long (even if it’s known and planned) we will move out of RMS platform too.