RMS licens/credits cannnot use

I bought a 5 year license rms. I activated credits with the code I received in the email, but now the management page shows 0 credits. Now the code doesn’t work. What went wrong with license activation?

Hi, I have the same problem. I bought also a 5 year license and activated the code received by e-mail. Now I see on the RMS Management Device page “Packs Remaining 1”, “Credits Remaining 0”. How to get it activated on my RUTX50?

[[Solved]] for me

If you received your e-mail with code activate via the RMS portal “Activate Code”. The 5 year license is a Pack not Credits. The Pack license is now available in your RMS system (company).

Assign the Pack to your device:

Go to [Administration] – Companies.
There you find a list of your companies. Select the company were you want your device get the license Pack installed. (i) in the action.

On the tab [Devices] you see a list of devices. Select the ‘Gear Icon = Set Pack’ under actions on the device of your choice. A popup shows “Select Pack”. Select the Pack license and [Save].

This solves my problem. I think it is the standard way of activating Packs. I’m just a newbie in the Teltonika world. Maybe there is also documentation on this topic.


I see that you have mentioned this topic to be solved. Please feel free to reach out again if you have more questions.

If you’re looking for instruction on how to perform this again, or are looking for additional information on RMS credits/packages, here is a link to a video by our Teltonika Team.

RMS Pricing Models: an In-Depth Guide to Packages and Credits (youtube.com)

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