RMS GPS position


I have added my new RUTX11 into the RMS.
While I can see the device GPS position in the device itself, I can’t see the position in the RMS? (device is online).

Thank you for your help, Harald


Before you can track your device’s location in RMS, it’s essential to first enable GPS monitoring. Detailed instructions can be found on our wiki page: Router is online in RMS but I cannot see GPS data.
Ensure that the router’s GPS feature is enabled and that it has successfully received a GPS fix.

Once GPS monitoring is enabled, you can access your device’s location information within RMS. Simply navigate to MANAGEMENT → Devices → Device details (click on the (i) icon) → Location.

If there’s anything else you need help with, please feel free to ask.

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Hello Marija,

Thank you, now it works.

Just had to search a bit, because my menue looks differently.

Best regards, Harald

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