RMS + EE UK Connection Issue

EE Provider + RUTX11

Having issues again regarding EE sims on RUTX11

I have two units so far, one had issues with not providing GPS data and another with providing no internet data, i used bootloader to load up the latest FW 7.06 to start from scratch.

now these units have an issue with not reporting to the RMS system so unable to appear online, i also can not add them to RMS using ee sims.

I was able to adopt them when i put my used my 02 sim and it allowed to me to add them to RMS but when i swapped back to the EE sim , they were not able to come online on the portal

And ideas as we have over 30+ of these units for our technicians and i cant have more failing like this

Yet the sim is providing data via wifi and devices can connect to it with no issue.


When the EE SIM is inserted, what error can be seen in the Services → Cloud Solutions → RMS page?
Perhaps the SIM is providing IPv6-only connection?
Could you try pressing the “Connect” button to check if that changes anything?
If that does not help, could you try adding a different DNS server on the mobile interface of the device?

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Hi there

just tested that theory out
so the sim was set to Ipv4/IPv6
when i change it to inly Ipv4 it does not connect
but it does for iPV6

Could you try setting the PDP type to IPv4/IPv6 and share a screenshot of the mob1s1a1 interface in the Network → WAN page?
The issue is that RMS currently only supports IPv4, so if the device only supports IPv6, it will not be able to connect. However, it is very unusual for European carriers to only provide IPv6 addresses, so it could be that you’re receiving a dual stack connection (both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses). In this case everything should work fine.
Make sure you’re using the standard EE APN:

APN: everywhere
Authentication: PAP
Username: eesecure
Password: secure
And check if the behavior is the same.

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So did so more testing

It may have been an off issue with the ipv4 as i changed it to ipv6 saved it, and changed

it back to ipv4 and it works

So it works on ipv4 and connects to RMS which makes sense

but swapping back to ipv4/pv6 dual , the issue happens it is not falling back to ipv4 to connect to the RMS website

Any suggestions on the ipv4/ipv6 dual issue ?


Could you clarify if you’re receiving both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses when changing back to dual stack PDN?
If there is an IPv4 address available with access to the internet, then RMS should use it. This has been tested an it works.
If both addresses are available, could you try navigating to System → Maintenance → Troubleshoot and using the ping utility set the protocol to IPv4 and try pinging If the pings go through, double-check the RMS status.

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So to confirm:

When the devices have been set to IPv4 - there are addresses available to connect the device is able to connect to the RMS website

When the devices are set to IPV6 - there are address available but the devices is not able to connect to RMS (expected)

When set to ipv4/ipv6 - the device is not able to connect to RMS - i did a ping to within the webui and it failed


Since the pings to IPv4 address fails, it’s likely that even in IPv4/IPv6 mode your device is only receiving the IPv6 address. This can be checked by navigating to Network → WAN and checking the mob1s1a1 (SIM1) or mob1s2a1 (SIM2) interface. In a real dual stack configuration, you should see three IP addresses when hovering over the informational symbol:

If you only see IPv6 address, then I’d suggest contacting your carrier and requesting an IPv4 address alongside the IPv6 addresses. It does not have to be a public address!

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