RMS API Data usage endpoint


We are making use of the RMS api.
With the endpoint GET [​/devices​/{id}​/data-usage we used to get a good response like :
{ "data": [ { "date": {}, "sim1_tx": ``247``, "sim2_tx": ``624``, "sim1_rx": ``847``, "sim2_rx": ``862`` }, { "date": {}, "sim1_tx": ``247``, "sim2_tx": ``624``, "sim1_rx": ``847``, "sim2_rx": ``862`` } ], "success": ``true``}

Since yesterday we get reponses that are off only showing :
“success”: true,

Is anyone else having this issue or is it only me?
Can anyone confirm this for me?

Hey there Tansu!

I was testing this out with data usage of devices and I have run into the same issue when using only endpoint /data-usage

By reading the documentation about RMS API, I noticed that it is required now to write the start and end date, you can check the documentation here

To fix this issue and to get data properly, I needed to add a start date and an end date to the endpoint, which would look something like this:

/devices/:id/data-usage?start_date=2024-01-27 00:00:00&end_date=2024-04-27 00:00:00

Here you can modify your wanted start date and end date accordingly, which follows this format: Year-Month-Day Hour:Minute:Second
The biggest period of data you can get is 7 months and you can write the end date upfront into the future.

Let me know if this fixes the issue.

Have a great day,


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Thanks for the reply and i did not place all the information here you can see that we already were doing that :slight_smile:

see new post

I just want to clarify, are you sure you want to check for data in the year 2023, not the year 2024, provided by the screenshot?

Also, it could be if there was no data usage on the given dates, then it will successfully do the prompt but will return the data key value empty, which is most likely in this case.


No this was just a example to show we are using the correct parameters.
We had this issue twice it the past 2 weeks that we were getting emtpy responses for a day.

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