RMS Activation and Mangement

Hi Folks

I am fairly new to all of this and running a single RUT951 as a router on a pleasure boat.

I managed to get 12 Credits for last year for RMS which has been perfect, however, these are running out.

I have tried to buy 10 years worth of credits with a management pack, I am told things gives 10 years management for a single device.

I bought this from Teltonika and got a code and activated this and when I log into my account it shows the attached but, I am continuing to get expired notices. Have I bought the wrong g thing ?


You’ve purchased the right package and everything seems fine. Expiration messages are probably only for credits, not for the 10-year package, as it probably hasn’t even “kicked in” yet.

When credits expire, the 10-year pack should engage. If it doesn’t, please reach out again.

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Hi Thanks for such a helpful and speedy response best wishes David


If you have any other questions about RMS or Teltonika products in general, feel free to reach out again.

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