Restore Backup RUT950 does not work


I try to restore a new created backup from a older RUT950 (Serial [redacted]) to a new RUT950 (Serial [redacted]), both have the latest firmware. But I got “INVALID BACKUP The selected backup file is not compatible with this device, please choose another file.”

I know the way, to restore the backup with WinSCP, but this could not be really the standard way!?


Since the devices have different product codes, the backup files will not be compatible. More information can be found here: RUT950 Backup - Teltonika Networks Wiki
However, as these devices are quite similar, one workaround you could try using is editing the router details in the /etc/config/system file. Simply replace the option product_code from RUT95000XXXX to RUT950U0XXXX. Make sure to save these changes within the archive, and try uploading it onto the new device.
Please keep in mind that these restrictions were put in place for a reason, and if you are experiencing any issues, please factory reset the device and reconfigure it manually.

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