Remote Access from App

I’m using Remote Access from RMS to access webservers connected to RUT241, it works great. But I’m trying to figure out if it’s supposed to be possible to start Remote Access from an Android/iPhone (the Teltonika RMS App). I can only find a way to start Remote Access for the Web UI specifically, but not to my “custom” Remote Access connections.

Am I missing something, or has this function not been added to the app?


At the moment, the RMS App does not support custom remote access connections; only direct access to the router is possible. However, you can still access custom remote connections through a web browser on the RMS webpage.

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Do we know if it’s on the roadmap for the future?


As of now, there is no concrete news about it being on the roadmap, but the company is actively exploring potential opportunities for future development and enhancements.

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