Remote Access from Android Phone to LAN

I want to use my android phone as though it was connected to the wifi from my router when I am away from router’s wifi.
I have a boat that has some cameras (Eufy) that I want to monitor and I also want to install some simple home automation to turn things on an off using Google Home. The Eufy application does not work well when not connected to the wifi and the Google Home will require connection to the network.

The boat has a device called the Glomex Webboat Evo which provides 4G connection and/or local wifi connection and then distributes that to a wifi on the boat. Embedded in the device is a RUT 240.

On the forum I have found two articles, see below. Will these help me achieve what I want?
They tell me what to do on the router, but I am not sure what I need to do on the phone to access the network?




You’ve found the right articles; they contain valuable information for configuring your desired settings.

Regarding phone configuration, you can easily find the relevant sections by checking the table of contents at the beginning of each article (alternatively, you can use these direct links: 1st article - IPsec tunnel setup Android Configuration and 2nd article - Remote access to home network Android Configuration). Both articles include configuration examples for Android phones along with detailed instructions and screenshots.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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The other link did not seem to appear here it is

Thanks, I access the configuration to the router via an App provided by Glomex. It seems to have most of the configuration items specified in these two posts and in the same menus.

Unfortunately the app does not seem to display the public IP address of the router.
Can you tell me where I would go in the native router to find the public IP address.
I suspect that it is hidden in the app to limit access to the router, or to control access so it is only done through the app.

There must be one, obviously. The Glomex device which incorporates the router is identified to the app by scanning a QR code. The app must then decode that to provide the IP address.

I am querying Glomex but they aren’t directly answering my question for the IP address. They are just referring me to the Teltonika wiki to work out how to set up the VPN, which I am OK with.

Is the a suggestion to discover the public IP address?


When it comes to managing IP addresses, it’s always helpful to refer to our wiki page Private and Public IP Addresses - Teltonika Networks Wiki. This resource provides comprehensive information about private and public IP addresses, which can be invaluable for troubleshooting and network configuration.

If you’re specifically looking to identify your router’s public IP address, there are two easy methods:

  1. Router WebUI: Access your router’s WebUI and navigate to the Network → WAN section. Here, you’ll typically find a list of interfaces along with their associated IP addresses.

  2. SSH Connection: Alternatively, you can connect to your router via SSH and use the ‘ifconfig’ command. This command will display a list of network interfaces along with their respective IP addresses.

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