Rejected RUT950 IMEIs

How can I confirm if Verizon rejecting my IMEIs is due to them being tied to a previous carrier or if the specific model will not function with Verizon? I have a number of RUT950s (FCC ID: 2AET4RUT955V) that connect with no problem, but my company has purchased (15) RUT950s (FCC ID: 2AET4RUT950A) that are instantly rejected from Verizon’s network. I’ve tried every APN and and these are SIM cards with active lines/data.

This is what I get on Verizon’s website when it asks for Device ID/IMEI

Can I supply a list of IMEIs or serial numbers and get these devices checked? I need to get them working quickly.

I need these to work on Verizon in the United States.


The easiest (and the only one that I’m aware of) to check if your device is certified by Verizon is to check the product code. It can be found by navigating to Status → System:

If your device code is RUT950 K ***** or RUT950 W *****, then it is certified by Verizon and should work in their network.
It should be noted, that there is an order code RUT950 J *****, which is certified on AT&T, Bell, and T-Mobile, but will not work on Verizon network.

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Ok, thank you, that is helpful and confirms what my supplier has told me.

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