Regarding rut 950 post/get request

Hi , I am using rut950 and I want to know if I can use post/get requests to get and update the phone user group.


A Post/Get function enables the following actions with mobile messages on RUT950:

  • View mobile messages list;
  • Read mobile message;
  • Send mobile message to a single number;
  • Send mobile message to a group;
  • View total mobile messages;
  • Delete mobile message;

For more information about mobile utilities on RUT950, please refer to our wiki page: RUT950 Mobile Utilities - Teltonika Networks Wiki.

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HI Marija,
Can I change or create a new user group using post/get functions


Could you please specify which user or user group you are referring to? Thank you.

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I am talking about sms_utils where wee add mobile numbers


Thank you for providing clarification. Currently, it’s not possible to configure SMS rules, including changing allowed phone numbers, using Post/Get methods.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

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thanks for the answer

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